Excellent compliment to a classic bamboo fly rod. We only ship to confirmed PayPal addresses unless other arrangements are approved in advance. It was used only a few times and is in excellent condition. Built, with aesthetics similar to vintage reels it's sure to find a home on any rod from cane.

Diameter 2 7/8" and weighs 3.25 oz- Light Grey in Color This reel was made in England. … Also note. Please note that any international customs duties (such as VAT, etc.) negative or zero feedback) without notice. If you download the CFO manual from Orvis, it will give capacity says for DT lines to deduct 50yds from stated capacity of WF lines. In the winter of 1971 – 72, Orvis introduced the CFO reel, designed by New Hampshire reel builder-great, Stanley Bogdan, to be manufactured by Hardy Brothers of Alnwick, England. Up for bidding is a n excellent condition Orvis Battenkill CFO 123 Cli ck/Pawl Drag Fly Reel for 1-4 wt lines.

Please visit my store-, Orvis CFO 123! No international bids will be allowed without prior approval. Gray, green, silver& bronze(yes. BIDDERS ARE REQUIRED TO COMMUNICATE BY EBAY MESSAGING SYSTEM OR EMAIL. Orvis CFO 123 Fly Reel. Unlike m ost other English-made CFOs th ese were machin ed from bar stock aluminum providing unsurpasse d lightweight durability and performance. Thank the Spendocrats) ORVIS Fly Fishing reel C.F.O. are the responsibility of the buyer. silver line guide attached to the bottom frame flange with 2 screws. One of our most recognizable rod models with a deep flamed color and crisper action. If it doesn't live up to your expectations you are always welcome to return it for a full refund- NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It is perfectly balanced with 1.2, or 3 wt rods. Light Grey in Color This reel was made in England. It comes complete with a sheepskin lined leather pouch and a high quality barely used DT 2 floating line. ORVIS Withover 150 years of rod making tradition. A nice little model here, set up for LHW (though switchable). No reel pouch. Very light spool and frame edge wear and a couple of small scrapes are the only obvious indications this reel has ever been fished- could be a shop demo reel.

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